10 Secrets to a Perfect Relationship


How many love relationships did you have in your lifetime? Were they perfect? If your answer is NO, then you definitely have to know these 10 secrets of a perfect relationship.

You are well familiar with the fact that every cause in life has its effect, right? But sometimes people tend to forget that the same principle applies to the interpersonal communication. Here are the 10 situations which are often taken for granted, but they need to be taken into consideration more attentively. You wonder why? Well , because the way you treat people around you, the same treatment you get. As simple as that. The moment you realize it, your relationship will flourish.

We will help you make your relationship PERFECT. Follow the NEXT 10 steps and you will succeed.

1. Dwell on the happiest moments you’ve spent togethe

Do you remember how it all started? Can you recall those sensations which were inside of your body when you realized you were falling in love? Yes, precisely these sensations which led you into this relationship (or a marriage) have to stay fresh in your minds. Recalling those happy memories will prevent you from losing yourselves in everyday routine which can kill the passion and lead you into taking your partner for granted.

2. Express your desires

The most common mistake love partners make is imagining that the other partner can read their thoughts. Well, you know better than that and please stop making this awful mistake. If you want something, just go express yourself. Don’t suppose that a partner knew what you wanted but decided to ignore your desires. He (or she) couldn’t have known if you haven’t told him (or her). Does this make any sense to you? Then check the NEXT secret.

3. Avoid asking dull questions


Any dialogue centered around boring questions can spoil a relationship by making it a routine. Be creative, it is easier than you think. It would be just enough if you said things in a different way than you usually do. Try asking your partner something like: ”What was the most interesting moment of this day?”, instead of the usual: ”How was your day?”  You’ll be surprised by the results.

4. Memorize your partner’s preferences

Do you really know your loved one’s preferences, tastes, and hobbies? Be sincere with yourself and say if you know for sure what things make them happy? If not, then feel free to ask them about their reactions to various events and situations. Why hesitating? You’ll definitely need this knowledge to make them satisfied with you as their perfectly chosen partner.

5. Don’t neglect your physical appearance


Work on your beauty and stay attractive and desirable in everyday situations. You and your partner will feel much different in a way that your self-esteem will be high, and your partner will appreciate the fact you are trying to be more beautiful for him (or her). True, he (or she) will say: ”I love you the way you are,” and that is true, but a little extra touch here and there wouldn’t harm anyone and it will improve your relationship. Why not asking your partner about his (or her) turn-ons?

6. Plan your time spent together wisely

Employ your own imagination and plan your next weekend out together. Even if you are married and have children, find some time just for the two of you. It is highly important to stay connected with your partner. Try to have as much time spent together as you can, away from the everyday routine, even away from the children because when with children couples tend to forget themselves while focusing on children’s needs.

7. Don’t let your problems be more important than your partner


This is very important to know: Leave your business problems in front of the door when entering your home! The stresses of our modern lifestyles can affect even the happiest relationship. This is the reason you should take extra care to focus on your loved ones.  You cannot make your business problems go away with the touch of a magic wand, but you can use your own strengths to deal with them, without bothering your partner.

8. When angry, step away a bit and breathe

One has to be extra careful when angry. When you’re ready to explode, step away a bit before you pass the point of no return. Breathe man (or woman)!  You cannot continue the discussion angry! Make pause and resume later, when not so eager to satisfy your desire to offend. A pause will help you lower the emotional tension and allow you to calmly find the solution.

9. Don’t hide the real feelings


Most often we show just approval or irritation, but that is our final reaction to something. However, we need to reveal our deep emotions to enable our partners to reveal the direction of our thoughts and feelings. This refers to our loneliness or happiness, contentment or disappointment etc. These are the real things which have to be understood by our partners, but if we gave them just the final outcome of it, then we would definitely stay lonely in our sorrow.

10. When needed, sincerely apologize

”I am sorry” and ”It was my fault” can play miracles when uttered exactly when need. It is not a secret that the apologies play a truly important part in a relationship, but they must come from the heart, which means: don’t say it if you don’t mean it! When a situation is such, you should admit your mistakes and explain yourself, but if you say it just to end the discussion, then the opposite effect comes. Be sincere, but don’t neglect your partner’s feelings.

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