5 Surprising Ways to Enhance Your Concentration


One downside of the Internet and social media is that it grabs our attention and concentration away from doing important things. In fact, our attention span has diminished over the past couple of years. Students can hardly finish their assignments and study for an upcoming exam because they’re too busy browsing through the \internet. We barely finish our tasks because we’re too busy checking our emails and responding to every message. No matter what we do, it seems we can’t concentrate on finishing a particular task because we’re too preoccupied with doing unnecessary things.

“Concentration is my motto – first honesty, then industry, then concentration.” Andrew Carnegie

How do we get back the concentration and become more productive? Here are the three surprising ways to help you enhance your concentration.



Doodling may seem an activity for people who are bored and don’t have anything to do with life. However, that’s not always the case. Doodling, in fact, can help you keep your focus and concentration as you try to draw and create something out of nothing. Your mind will be forced to focus as you try to picture out a mental image. Your fingers will also be moving profusely as you transfer the drawing from your mind to the paper.

Doodling actually does two things; it keeps you focused while you are doing something productive and creative. By doodling, you’re able to internalize all the ideas presented to you. Doodling also recharges and refreshes your mind as you come up with fresh ideas to get your task done. Remember that doodlers are artists too! Therefore, if that’s your greatest asset, start doodling now!

Create a not-to-do list

We’re all accustomed to listing a “to-do list” before we start working to have a guide on what to do next. However, we don’t realize that we can scribble dozens of things on our to-do list. What’s worse, the stuff we generally add to our schedule is not even necessary to get the most important tasks done! What should be the remedy to that?

The solution is creating a not-to-do list. This list should consist of the things you’re not allowed to do while you work or the bad habits.  Examples include responding to your friend’s messages while you work, texting,  browsing through social media sites and so on.

Creating a not-to-do list helps you to limit the things you need to work on. It conditions your mind to avoid distractions. By having a not-to-do list, you’ll be able to focus more on doing important things. This saves time while increasing your productivity and performance delivery.

Do something completely different


If the first two tips don’t seem to work for you, it means that you’re too familiar and comfortable with your task that it starts it has begun becoming boring. You feel like there’s no challenge anymore, and that’s precisely why you’re also losing the enthusiasm to continue working.

If you feel that way, then we guess it’s time for you to expand your horizon. Do something different. Commit to doing something that you normally wouldn’t do. Examples would be going out for a walk, writing a new blog post, or working on a new project. The science behind this tip is that it will force your body and mind to focus because you’re not familiar with what you’re doing.

When we’re out of our comfort zone, our thoughts tend to be attentive because they face uncertainty. It’s just like having a new task that you don’t have experience in. Naturally, you would listen on how to execute it, right? Otherwise, you’d fail on your task. This will force your brain to follow every instruction, analyze the problem, come up with solutions in order to accomplish your task. This enhances your concentration in the process.

“When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all.” 

Theodore Roosevelt

With conscious effort and perseverance, we can actually keep our mind concentration and focused on getting our task done. Don’t let the distractions and procrastination to hinder you from achieving your goals. Stay productive!

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