61 Celebs Who Are Still Battling HIV; The Rich And Famous Cannot Easily Get HIV Treatment As One Would Think


55. Madonna

Madonna’s dance teacher was HIV-positive and when he publicly announced that he had the virus, the two appeared together at a 1989 Dance-a-Thon to support AIDS Project LA. Her support early on, during the height the HIV epidemic, even led people to believe Madonna was HIV-positive. The rumors didn’t stop her then and they certainly aren’t stopping her now as she works with her organization, Raising Malawi, and continues to advocate for those who live with HIV in Africa and around the world. She is helping the victims of AIDS.

No matter what the rumors say or her attackers accuse her, she’s still helping the people who have AIDS. Madonna has a soft heart and she keeps on helping those in need. Her charitable works are recognized and she has helped millions of people around the world. Charity concerts and events are done for the HIV patients. Madonna wants to help in any way she can. People benefit from the concert and that’s a good thing. Making more AIDS centers is a noble thing to do, and Madonna is proud about it. HIV people are blessed to have a supporter like her.

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