Celebrities Who Made Expensive Mistakes 


When celebrities get into trouble of any type, they are not accustomed to follow the average individual. They have a status of their own and need to stay in line with the standards they have set for themselves. They are accustomed to raking in the big bucks, and their mistakes cost them similar amounts of money. 

Rarely do we see a celebrity getting into an accident and managing to walk away with just a ticket from the law enforcement agencies. Such tiny incidents are relegated to the people who drive them around. It usually costs the celebrities a large sum of money when trying to relieve themselves from the problems they get into. Mentioned here are some celebrities who committed expensive mistakes. 

 Celebrity and secrets don’t go together. The bastards will get you in the end.

  • George Michael

melMel Gibson 

The top name on this list is that of Mel Gibson the Hollywood star who has portrayed numerous characters on screen and has also produced a number of movies. He is popularly known as Mr. Braveheart for the role he played in the movie which gathered plenty of fame. Gibson wasn’t as lucky in his personal life, especially after he was embraced by a Russian singer. His wife of 31 years took offense to the incident along with 50% of his wealth after a divorce. It cost Mel Gibson $425 million. That’s a tidy sum for just an embrace. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnold Schwarzenegger who is also the governor of California and is married to a Kennedy had everything going for him the right way. The Terminator, however, could not hold himself back from the simple pleasures of life, and he allegedly got a member of the domestic staff of the family pregnant. The resultant effects of his actions ended in a divorce which cost him $375 million. 

Tiger Woods 

Tiger Woods is reputed to be the greatest golfers of all time and had sponsorship deals falling out of every crevice of his body. Tiger also had a roving eye and apart from his wife loved a number of women. 

Tiger joined the list of celebrities who committed expensive mistakes when his wife sued him for divorce for infidelity. The divorce cost Tiger just $110 million but he also lost $250 million from sponsorship deals, legal fees and the consultant he had to hire to resurrect his career. The total amount was nearly 50% of his fortune of $600 million. 

Lance Armstrong 

Lance Armstrong was a modern-day cycling hero after winning the Tour de France consecutively from 1999-2005. He had made the Tour de France’s personal fiefdom until it was disclosed in 2012 that he had been cheating every step of the way during his career. Lance has yet to admit the allegations but has been stripped of all his titles and ordered to return the prize money he earned. He has lost his sponsors and is also being sued by his teammates. Estimates available indicate Lance will be poorer by $125 million. 

Kobe Bryant 

Basketball star Kobe was one of the celebrities who committed expensive mistakes, and he was facing rape allegations and admitted on national television of being unfaithful to his wife even as the interview was being held in her presence. Kobe convinced his wife to return with a $4 million ring but continued his Playboy lifestyle and his wife finally filed for divorce. The divorce cost Kobe $75 million in cash and three properties on Newport Beach worth $18 million. 

tomTom Cruise 

Tom Cruise has not been in any major scandal, but he follows the teachings of the Church of Scientology, which has offended a number of people. It looks like his wife Katie Holmes was also offended and filed for a divorce. The settlement cost Tom $4.8 million apart from expenses related to their child. 

Charlie Sheen 

Charlie always had a problem with alcohol, drugs and porn stars but when the actor got into trouble with the creator of his TV series Two And A Half Men, Charlie was shown the door from the show. Charlie was earning an estimated $1.25 million for every episode, and a simple calculation would reveal that he lost $36 million during the season. 

 You know, just in terms of having to have a life on the road, you know, having the celebrity aspect be a burden for my family, friends and extended family.

  • Julius Erving


The list of celebrities who committed expensive mistakes is long and new names are being included within the list with every passing day. During the days to come, it is quite possible for celebrities to pay higher sums of money for their mistakes to join the list of celebrities who committed the most expensive mistakes of all time.  


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