Celebrity Kids Who Are Embarrassed By Their Parents 


Everyone would imagine that children of celebrities would be extremely happy to show their parents around as trophies inherited by them. After all the children were recognized just because their parents were famous. However, the reality is in stark contrast because quite a few celebrity kids do not prefer being close to the stardom which their parents have achieved. 

These children definitely have a mind of their own and after the initial infatuation, look at the celebrities just as parents and not as famous people. They do not prefer being cuddled or exhibited as the wards of their celebrity parents and would like to develop a personality of their own. Let us today look at celebrity kids who are embarrassed by their parents. 

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Brooklyn Beckham 

Brooklyn Beckham is 16 years old and is the eldest son of soccer star David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria. Brooklyn was horrified when David spoke to an audience with talks show host James Corden about the time he chaperoned Brooklyn’s first date. Brooklyn had also tried to prevent his father from coming before his classmates by requesting them to park his car around the corner when collecting him from school. David, however, had other ideas and expressed his affection towards his son by screaming “I love you” and posting some embarrassing pictures to twitter. The incident may have inspired Brooklyn to feel embarrassed before his classmates. The embarrassment does not stop Brooklyn from borrowing dad David’s clothes anyway. 

Jaden Smith 

Jaden Smith does not like his father Will Smith smooching him in full public view despite the statement that he appreciated the love being expressed by his father. Jaden has mentioned that there are a place and time to kiss somebody, and Will Smith is aware he is irritating the boy. He has, however, turned his affection into a game of public lip smacks. 

britneySean and Jayden Federline 

Pop star Britney Spears mentioned in 2013 that her sons Sean aged nine and Jayden, who are both the children of Kevin Federline did not prefer allowing Britney to kiss them in public. Britney has mentioned that she was aware that her boys were growing up and had begun to figure out whether such things were cool or not. 

Lourdes Leon 

The daughter of Madonna from her ex-Carlos Leon is mortified by her mother. The mother and daughter are forever at odds as the 18-year-old Lourdes is appalled at her mother’s sense of dressing, her music and the thought of her presence in college. The global superstar that is an icon to millions has mentioned that she is prohibited from visiting the University of Michigan’s football games. 

Zoe Kravitz 

Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoe has admitted that she’s embarrassed by her parents super hip sense of dressing. The admission was made to an interviewer who stated that the girl was embarrassed at how her mom and dad would dress when she also said that she regularly takes her parent’s clothes quite frequently. Lenny has borrowed the Cat Stevens T-shirt and she, in turn, has taken the black flag T-shirt which she says is amazing. 

Ava and Deacon Phillippe 

Reese Witherspoon the Academy award winning star is another Hollywood parent who is detested by her children. She has mentioned during an interview during last December that her daughter Ava and son Deacon were trying their best to avoid being seen in public with her. She even mentioned that Deacon also found fault with her when she has her coffee. Witherspoon also pointed out that her two-year-old son Tennessee is presently her only ally within the children, but we believe that Tennessee will grow up soon and perhaps begin to display a similar behavior. 

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Are these celebrity kids who are embarrassed by their parents setting a trend of sorts? One cannot dispute their parents have achieved the fame and fortune their desired and are possibly expressing their love toward their children in a particular fashion. While the children cannot be faulted for their behavior, they would perhaps serve as inspiration to their counterparts if they moderated their stance and displayed a degree of compassion towards the behavior with their parents. One cannot expect the changes to be adopted instantly, but we can definitely hope things will change for the better during the time to come.   



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