Demi Lovato Bought the Rehab Center She’s Been To


She may be talented, but she also has her own share of demons. Demi Lovato previously admitted to having a mental illness and addictions. Surprisingly, Lovato recently revealed that she is now one of the owners of Los Angeles, California’s CAST Centers. The center specializes in health and wellness treatments for those with substance abuse problems, bulimia, and depression.

 A  stake at CAST


Apparently, her stay at the facility back in 2011 gave her a new lease of life. She was able to beat her addictions and health issues and get back on track. Grateful for the effectiveness of the center’s program, she was later inspired to do something in return for the institution. Demi became one of its co-owners to promote it as a beacon of hope to those who have been in the same situation as she.

However, when asked why she bought a stake in CAST Centers, she said she’s not sure of the meaning of her co-ownership of the place, only that “it just feels good.”

“How many 24-year-olds own their own treatment center? But then to leverage her position in pop music to do so much good is just incredible,” her manager, Phil McIntyre, was quoted saying.

It can be recalled that Lovato went through a very trying period in her career a few years ago when she was only 22. To fans and observers, it seemed that her “self-destruction” would turn her into a sad example of a shining celebrity gone bad.

 Rehabilitation Process

However, her life turned around when she finally allowed herself to undergo rehabilitation to be better equipped to battle bulimia, depression, and her substance abuse problem.


Lovato recalled that she was definitely no model patient at the center. She would curse and be quite uncooperative. According to CAST’s Mike Bayer, she would sleep a lot and close herself off, only making one-word responses. But not for very long.

Eventually, the singer learned to take responsibility for the things she does. She also learned to cope with challenges without the aid of alcohol or other substances. She recognized the transformation and credits it for her successful resurgence in the entertainment industry after she completed her rehabilitation program.

“It sounds ridiculous, I kind of made a pact with God,” she explained. “And I don’t even think you’re supposed to do that, but I promised, ‘If you make me a singer one day, I’m going to use my voice for so much more than singing, and I’m going to help people with it.’”

 Life afterward

Today, Lovato says that exercising is her healthiest habit and a key aspect in her recovery. However, she also recognizes that all the progress she has made may unravel quickly if she is not careful. In another interview, Lovato aLovatod that she almost returned to rehab mode. This time, it was due to her eating disorder after having food issues while on tour. She said she was both obsessing with and afraid of food. Fortunately, her boyfriend helped her snap her out of it. She then went on to have a structured meal plan. Ultimately, the singer learned to control her portions.

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