The Everyday Lifestyle Of an Average American 

lifestyle-3It is absolutely clear that the politicians of America do not have adequate information about the demography or the feel for the average American. It is one of the reasons why they are typically the mark in their positions, policies and promotions. 

Just as the average American, the politicians and business leaders collect the bulk of the information from news stories and the television. This can be a frightening thought given the fact that mainstream media is known to distort information and present the characteristics of the average American wrongly. When reading through business stories you could get an impression that every American holds stock or runs a business but the facts are entirely different. 

That isn’t a single source of information about the average American. Most publications are only concentrating on the politicians or the rich and the famous. In order to know the average American you will need to understand the demographics and we are giving you a sampling of a few characteristics of the average American adults or households. 

Unquestionably, there is progress. The average American now pays out twice as much in taxes as he formerly got in wages. H. L. Mencken


lifestyle-2Income And Expenditure 

The average American makes around $735 every week, and 58% of adults have a job. Americans are not known to carry cash around and in most cases, they only have about $35 in their wallet. However, their everyday expenditure is in the region of $69, and most of the expenses are paid for by credit card or debit cards. They spend around $3100 every year on out-of-pocket expenses towards healthcare. This information should provide significant evidence that the average American is not a spendthrift and is rather careful with his or her money. 

Employment And The Labor Market 

Americans believe that working hard is the best way to get ahead in life and nearly 70% of all people within the labor force subscribe to this belief. They strongly believe that the top priority of the government should be to create and keep jobs within America. The numbers have been increasing ever since the economic recession hit the market over the last few years and reduced the number of jobs, which were available. 

Material Benefits 

70% of all Americans have a land line telephone within their homes, and the average individual is also the owner of a cell phone [87%]. However, just 35% of Americans have invested in a smart phone. The average American firmly believes that the economy, and the availability of jobs will be the top priority after the elections. 

The saving per household for the average American is fewer than $100,000 and 54% Americans are within this group. Most ordinary Americans do not hold any stock and just 19% of the population has invested in stocks. Household debts are a major concern for the population of America where every household is indebted to the tune of $75,600, which includes mortgages. 

lifestyle-156% of all Americans have been to college but do not have a college degree. 59% are owning computers or laptops, and a similar figure is also using the Internet every day. Americans in general have mentioned they are in excellent health, although nearly 63% have been classified as obese. The average American is having at least a single prescription drug every day, and around 55% of the population complains of sleeplessness. About 65% of the population visits physicians twice a year giving enough evidence that Americans care for their health. 

65% of all Americans are homeowners and live in a place which has a size of 1800 ft.². While 51% of Americans are married it is not customary to witness high divorce rates as it is commonly reported by the media houses. Just 21% of Americans have actually completed divorce formalities. 

The average American is fond of watching TV and spends about two hours and 50 minutes every day with this past time. 57% of American households have air conditioning and despite the tough laws in place against child abuse 69% of Americans favor spanking their children if necessary. 

Every household of the average American owns two vehicles and at least one pet. Americans are careful about their finances and ensure that credit card bills are paid in full every month. Environmental factors are considered by average Americans who believe that the government should be doing more to care for the environment, and the average American is concerned about being able to maintain his or her standard of living. Women constitute 52% of all average Americans. 

 I was brought up differently than the average American child because the average child is brought up expecting to be happy. Marilyn Monroe

The figures provided within this discussion have been obtained from reliable resources and should give you a clear indication that the everyday lifestyle of the average American is quite different from the distorted figures which are published by the mainstream media.  


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