Geniuses Talk to Themselves, But do You?


Have you ever talked to yourself out loud in public? Were you scared that other people might notice it and think that you are some kind of a nut case? Well, those days are over because after reading this post you won’t be ashamed anymore. Go ahead and talk to yourself out loud because YOU MIGHT BE A GENIUS!

Psychologists say that talking to yourself shows that you are a self-reliant person and even a genius. Even Albert Einstein was talking to himself and we all know what a genius he was. Let’s see what are the reasons, according to the scientist, for you to practice speaking with yourself – out loud!

It makes you motivated

A recently published study on the inner speech showed that talking to yourself matters when you are referring to yourself through a second-person self-talk. It is more motivational than the first-person self-talk and it can help you accomplish a difficult task at work. Saying “You can do it!” instead of ‘I can do it!’ is much more motivational on the way to your objective. Therefore, people who talk to themselves are more successfully climbing the professional ladder.

It improves your memory

It was proven that our vocal self-talk is essential in the learning process! Psychologists say that talking to yourself is an amazing stimulus for the brain. So basically, the more you talk to yourself, the smarter you become and self-talk increases your attention by enabling you to concentrate regardless of the noise around you. So, it can enable you to learn faster.

It improves your state of mind

The inner monolog between two versions of yourself has a quick and lasting effect if you are consistent and you do it repeatedly. Focus on the positive and avoid negative thoughts (as the inner monolog goes both ways) and repeat them as a motivational mantra. Repeating a mantra many times a day can change the way you feel about yourself. When you try this out, you will see that it really works and can make you feel better, smarter, and ready to take actions. A conversation with yourself can wash away bad mood by reminding yourself that you are in control of your life.

It leads you to a conclusion

Talking to the voice inside your head it’s just a way to debate your own ideas, to clear your thoughts, thus getting you closer to make a choice or to draw a conclusion. As some researches proved it, talking to yourself increases the performance of your brain; it doesn’t make you insane, but focused. It helps you setting a goal and develop a strategy to accomplish the goal. So start talking to yourself, if you have a choice to make or a problem to solve.

It makes you your own therapist

Self-talk is a kind of a self-therapy. When you are angry, nervous, or disappointed, hearing your problems spoken out loud can calm you down. The main goal of a good therapy is to remove stress, anger and other negative feelings. Therefore a self-talk is the best therapy! No one could be more interested in your wellness then yourself! It’s like having your own therapist! So please, lie down and psychoanalyze yourself.

It can make you famous

The greatest thinkers put their deepest thoughts on paper (thus talking to themselves through the paper) and this made them famous and admired. Think of all the writers, philosophers and other people who were generating their thoughts in their solitude, talking to themselves while writing down their thoughts. Their inner monologs became poetry, philosophy, or literature in general. So, don’t be afraid to let your thoughts get out in a speech or on a piece of paper, because if you don’t generate them, no one will ever know how smart you actually were.


Gary Lupyan & Daniel Swingley have made an experiment on the subject. They gave 20 people the name of an object (like an apple, tomato or a loaf of bread), which they were told to find in the supermarket. During the first part of the experiment, the participants were supposed to do it without repeating the name of the object. The second time, they had to repeat the object’s name out loud as they were looking for it in the store.

The results said: People who were speaking to themselves found the object more easily! So, saying things out loud definitely sparks your memory. But there’s a catch: it helps you only when you know what you need! Which means that speaking the object’s name out loud is helpful only when you’re familiar with its appearance when you actually visually know what you are looking for!

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