The Most Handsome Sportsmen in the World


We have done the research and made for you the list of the most handsome sportsmen of 2016. They are good in what they are doing and they are good to be seen. Male beauty obviously comes from different parts of the world. Just check it!

1. Fabio Fognini

Fabio is an Italian tennis player, nicknamed Fogna. He speaks Italian, Spanish, French, and English. Fogna started playing tennis when he was four years old, but he is also a football lover, enjoys motorbike racing, and is a fan of Valentino Rossi. Fognini was in a relationship with the Italian WTA tennis player Flavia Pennetta. The couple married in 2016. Today, wherever he goes he speaks about his married life and how he is happily married to a woman who shares the same interests with himself. According to ATP rating list, his earnings are $782,705.

2. Ignazio Abate

Ignazio is an Italian football player. He currently plays for Milan from Italy. Abate started his football career in an amateur club Rescaldina, before joining Milan in 1999. He is considered as one of the fastest players in the most prestigious football leagues. Ignazio is married to certain Valentina and has two sons, Matteo (2011) and Andrea (2013). It is said that his net worth in this year is $20,540,000.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

He is a Portuguese football player who has a position of a forward player in the club Real Madrid. Ronaldo also captains the national football team of Portugal. Being one of the most expensive players in the world he had a transfer worth £80 million from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009. Today, the estimation of his net worth went up to the unbelievable $280 million. He is a Roman Catholic who regularly donates his blood. Thus, he does not have any tattoos since that would prevent him from donating it. He was dating English models until 2010 when he began dating a Russian model, but still, he is single now.

4. Rafael Nadal

Nadal is a Spanish tennis player who is considered to be one of the greatest tennis players in the history of tennis. Thus, he was nicknamed The King of Clay (this refers to the tennis played on the clay court). Apart from sports, Nadal has seen as one of the greatest style icons in the sports world. He is often seen in famous magazines and endorses many famous brands. The 14-times Grand Slam champion is not married yet but is in a long-term (11 years) relationship with a girl from Spain.

 5. Michael Frolik

Frolik is a Czech ice hockey player currently representing Calgary Flames in the National Hockey League. He began his career ten years ago and was nicknamed “The Baby Jágr”. Apart from his sports career, Micheal Frolick is one of the stylish icons in his sport. His net worth is estimated to be $10,000,000. Not married yet!

 6. JJ Redick

Jonathan Clay, better known as JJ Redick, is an American basketball player.  He is famous for his free throw and three-point shooting. Redick is endorsing ShotLoc Basketball Training Kit. His father was a basketball player and his older twin sisters also play basketball, though not so successfully as he does. JJ Redick is a Christian, and what is interesting about this issue is that he has four tattoos of Bible verses. He is in a six-years-long marriage with Chelsea Kilgore.

7. Nathan Bartholomay

Nathan Bartholomay is an American pair skater. His skating partner until 2014 was Felicia Zhang. They won a silver in 2014 and a bronze in 2013 at the National Championships. From 2014 up until May 2016 he was in partnership with Gretchen Donlan. Now, he is searching for a new partner, both professionally and privately. So, girls now is your time!

8. Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown is an Armenian skier (skiing for America). He became famous for performing multiple variations of a triple flip. He had a web show “Bobby’s Life” where he talked about his life and skiing. At the Olympics, 2014 he came with many sponsors. He is 25 years old and single!

9. Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud is a French football player. He is famous for having a unique gameplay and for his runs to the front post, which tend to confuse the defenders. Currently, he is playing for Arsenal. Giroud is married to a certain woman called Jennifer with whom he has a little daughter named Jade.

10. Eric Decker

Decker is an American football player who currently plays for New York Jets. From 2013 he has been married to a country singer Jessie James and they have two children together. Recently, he had an injury (a torn rotator cuff) which required a medical treatment, i.e. a surgery. He has had two surgeries in a month time and now is recovering until July next year. We wish he gets his feet on the grass soon!

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