How to Impress Your In Laws


The most important characters in marriage are the two people who are married. The two of you can live by themselves and apply the “you and me against the world” principle. However, it is even better to include the parents now and then for support and encouragement. Remember that your in-laws brought your lover to this world and are an example of what your sweet love will be in the future. Here are some ways to impress them:

“True oneness in marriage can not be experienced if you allow in-laws to penetrate the circle. If necessary let them become out-laws. It is crucial that you establish boundaries”   DeBorrah K. Ogans


impress-2Yes, this is vital not only in your relationship with your spouse but also with your in-laws. Respect is a two-way traffic. When you pay respect to your in-laws, eventually, it will be given back if not immediately. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen them for the first time or a hundred times; show some politeness and greet them appropriately. It is a sign of acknowledging their place in the family.


Learn what your in-laws like, what they dislike, what makes them happy and what makes them sad. This is to prevent crossing their paths and maintain a healthy relationship.  

Let them know you

It is important that your in-laws who you are. Try to show them what you like and why you like it. This, with limits, might make them love you maybe even more than before. If you like chess, show them how you play and explain why you like it. You might even find a great opponent waiting for a challenging game

Make invitations 

Invite your in laws out of their comfort zone and lead them into yours. It would be like letting them see your natural habitat. Are you into music? Invite them into concerts. Of course, it would be an advantage to start with a mutual liking before starting to branching out. With their age, they may be prone to being lonely. They feel much appreciated when they see your effort to spend time together.


Your in-laws are a part of your bigger family. Therefore, it’s good to care for them. How have they been lately? Maybe you would want to remind them about their medications and what food they should be taking. 

Foods and drinks


You may offer to cook your in-laws favorite dish either at their place or yours. You can also take them out to a good restaurant. That’s a good way to bond.

Be appreciative

Always express the good things they do yo you in an unexaggerated way. Also, complement them. If they have a beautiful garden, say so.  Once your appreciation is expressed, your in-laws will appreciate you back and give you advice about various issues.  

Love them

They are an extension of your newly-built family. Be sincere with your concerns to them and love them as your own. The effort in building a good relationship with in-laws shows your spouse that they are important to you. 


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