Is Healthcare A Luxury? 


Looking at the high prices which are charged for healthcare people had been getting a feeling that it is turning out to be a luxury for the average individual. The rich and famous can afford the healthcare prices which are currently being charged. Matters, however, have gone from bad to worse for the average individual who seems to have no option but to pay high prices for ordinary services. 

Healthcare professionals seem to have their own arguments to offer when questioned about the high prices they are charging. They provide reasons, which sound absurd and on most occasions also provide significant justifications for their arguments. Healthcare is not a luxury but is a necessity but the system has many aspects, which haven’t been looked at until this time and will perhaps never be considered even during the future. 

The U.S. has the most dysfunctional healthcare system in the industrial world, has about twice the per capita costs, and some of the worst outcomes. It’s also the only privatized system. Noam Chomsky

Reasons Why Healthcare Has Assumed Luxurious Proportions 


This may sound strange but pharmaceutical companies, large corporations and the government are not considering healthcare the way it should be. Companies and corporations are in the business of manufacturing medications to make money, and the government is providing them a helping hand in achieving their objectives. Rather than concentrate on providing healthcare to the people these entities are focusing on sickness care. 

They are not in the business of educating people about health and are, in fact, trying to hide as much as possible by not focusing on the problem of healthcare. These entities have created a sickness industry which is promoting various diseases which they say can be cured only by the medications produced by these companies or corporations. Unfortunately, the government which should have been opposing them is hand in glove with these organizations for changing the healthcare industry into a luxurious one. 

Better Food Products Can Kill The Healthcare Industry 

The average individual questions regularly whether the government is providing them healthy food and water? Whether the food is being genetically engineered? Whether chemicals are being sprayed on food products before being harvested? Unfortunately, the government is not in a position to provide explicit answers to any of the questions. These are questions, which are sensitive and can bring an end to the healthcare industry. Answers from the government will put out of business the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies and the organizations which are supporting this industry. The government does not find it beneficial to kill the healthcare industry because of the taxes it can collect and the jobs that would be lost. 

Can The Average Individual Make Healthcare Affordable? 


The onus of making health care low-priced is entirely within the hands of the average individual. People will have to decide whether they want to continue remaining sick and paying the high costs of healthcare or want to make changes, which will remove from their lives the concerns about whether healthcare is a luxury. 

People must decide on certain things which they will adopt in their lives while also concluding that they will forego some items that have become accustomed to all this while. It is only after making these changes that people will have an opportunity to claim they have a grip over the concerns of unaffordable health care. The task will not be easy and will take plenty of effort from every individual. At the same time, it is impossible either because people just have to revert back to the methods that were being used by our ancestors and make sacrifices in the form of unhealthy foodstuffs which they have been using all this while. The habit of giving up fast food and carbonated drinks will not be easy for the better part of the population, but it is definitely achievable. 

People will need to invest in their health, just as they do in stocks and business ventures. They will need to begin having organic food despite the higher costs which will be involved. They must be considering reading the labels on products in the supermarkets and contemplate giving up junk food altogether. If people stop leading unhealthy lives, the healthcare industry will not remain a luxury for long. It will soon become an industry which can be afforded by all. 

The airheads of Congress will keep their own plush healthcare plan – it’s the rest of us guinea pigs who will be thrown to the wolves. Camille Paglia

Healthcare has been made a luxury by the people who matter and the best way to brand it affordable is for people to make changes to their lifestyles.  

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