Luxurious Homes Of The Rich and Famous


The billionaires of the world can afford just about anything, and many have realized the option to have and invested in lavish properties, which can be called luxurious homes. The home of an average individual would seem like a guesthouse when a comparison is made with the luxurious homes that the rich and famous have put their money in.

Many people could believe they have a nice house, but they could be astonished with the lifestyles of some of the billionaire homes listed below. These places have everything one could imagine and leave people wondering whether the investment can be justified in any manner. Let us look at some of the luxurious homes of the rich and famous.

I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property. Norman O. Brown

Dmitry Ryblovlev 


The initial property on our list is the home of Russian businessmen Dmitry Ryblovlev which he purchased from the president of the United States Donald Trump for $95 million. This mansion is known as Maison de L’Amitie and the mansion apart from being sizable and having a wonderful landscape also has beautiful beach views. 

Ira Rennert 

Having a net worth of approximately $6 billion Rennert can practically purchase anything under the sun. It comes as no surprise that he has decided to invest in the beautiful Hamptons mansion along with its multiple properties, which are surrounding the area. This prized possession of Rennert has luscious green grounds, and a tree lined driveway apart from a circular courtyard area which makes this place remarkable for a home. 

George Soros 

The wealth of George Soros is greater than Rennert, and he has a net worth of $23 billion. The mansion which Soros calls a home has a tennis court, a pool, a circular courtyard and exquisite landscaping. Perhaps George Soros did not consider it big enough and therefore, recently added 19 extra rooms, which spread over 19 acres of the property. 

Phil Knight 


The founder of Nike who is also a billionaire has a place which is rather modest when compared to some of the other mansions mentioned within this list. His condo style home was offered for $75 million has a location of the Pacific coast of California. This place has a unique design and comes with landscaping, and the interiors of the place can only be imagined. 

Mark Zuckerberg 

The founder of Facebook and a sensation by his own right is the owner of five different properties. The Zuckerberg family’s primary residence is a plain white five-bedroom structure of two stories. The property has an in ground pool along with multiple porches, which increase its appeal but the property looks modest for the founder of Facebook. 

Jeff Bezos 

Jeff is a tech guru who is worth approximately $30 million. He has an impressive 11,500 ft.² mansion giving enough evidence of his billionaire status. The mansion features exquisite courtyard’s and multiple pools. When the whole place is lit the rooms appear as endless and cover the entire backyard area which has walk away’s, flowerbeds and resting areas. 

Michael Bloomberg 

Michael Bloomberg who is the former Mayor of New York City has a home which resembles a politician’s office. A look inside the property will reveal black-and-white checkerboard flooring anchored by a rug. The place has an eclectic mix of modern style, which resembles the vintage. 

Bernard Arnault 

Billionaires have strange choices and when Bernard decided to purchase a property, he didn’t want just a billionaire’s mansion. He also wanted a ski resort to spend some free time for leisure. He ensured that he worked his wishes by purchasing a massive structure in Belgium. The place has a beautiful mountainous landscape and snow in plenty Bernard could make his dream come true because he had a number of options for skiing within his backyard. 

Sam Walton 

The Walton family is from Arkansas where Sam Walton began generating his wealth at the inauguration of Walton’s five and dime. His daughter is one of the inheritors of the throne and is a billionaire herself and the owner of this modern structure. She has an interest in modern art and has ensured that her property reflects her interest from every angle of the complex. 

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Given above are some of the luxurious homes of the rich and famous. We are certain these places will leave you astounded and even surprised when you consider the size and the type of amenities, which have been included.   

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