21 Presidents Who’ve Had Severe Mental Disorders


With only a month and a few days to go for the upcoming presidential election in the USA, and surely this will be one of most dramatic of all presidential elections in recent American and global history, the heated debate now inside politico-journo circles is whether Trump is a narcissist or not. People who hate his opponent are also setting afloat theories that essentially mean that Hillary Clinton has a definite mental disorder. While we love to keep our focus on who a better leader and visionary is between these two heavyweights, we can’t help looking back in history to find some of the most lunatic world leaders (some of them also required mental treatment). Heck, a good many of them are still in office and are really influential in their respective territories! Here are 21 of the craziest presidents and dictators the world has ever seen.

Abraham Lincoln


Popularly voted as one of the three greatest presidents America has ever had, Lincoln was described as a melancholic person by some contemporary psychiatrists. In modern medical parlance, his mental disorder could be termed as a clinical depression. Lincoln actually suffered from heavy mental depression due to a series of traumatic life events, including the demise of Ann Rutledge, which devastated his life. It is also widely believed that Lincoln used to take a certain kind of blue mass pills for mood improvement.

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