Movie Truths Which Are Actually NOT


If you are a movie lover then you must have heard of these movie truths at least a hundred times before, but did you know that they are far from the real truth? Many things in the movies have been invented by the screenwriters so that the stories would be dynamic, without too much waiting and with a kind of natural flow. Here are some allegedly scientific proven facts, but believe us, it is just for the sake of the movies they were used in. Science has nothing to do with it!

1. Scientists can clone dinosaurs from DNA samples

If so, there would be at least one dinosaur somewhere in the world right now. But NO! Even though it sounds plausible from the layman’s point of view, this is not possible. Dinosaur’s DNA can’t be preserved in mosquitoes trapped in amber or in ice because it doesn’t last that long. In reality, some scientists may claim they have found genetic material that is hundreds of millions of years old, but these claims have always been proven wrong. The oldest really preserved DNA material was less than 1 million years old and those of dinosaurs would have to be somewhere about 65 million years old.

2. We can see the laser guns

You have probably seen some science fiction movies where the characters were using handheld laser blasters or giant laser guns from the spaceships. What have you noticed there? Yes, we can always see them! In real life, those lasers, if ever existed, would probably be invisible. It’s not that the visible lasers aren’t possible, but a visible light beam will scatter some of its photons and the invisible ones are more likely to be made since being more powerful. The lasers which exist today, for example, a laser pointer, have  non-visible light wavelengths.

3. Defibrillator can restart a stopped heart

A stopped heart cannot be restarted in any way! Defibrillation is often an important step aimed to restore cardiac and pulmonary function. The use of the defibrillator is indicated only in certain types of cardiac malfunctioning, but if the heart has completely stopped then defibrillation is not indicated. Defibrillation is also not indicated if the patient is conscious or has a pulse. Improper use of the electrical shocks can cause dangerous consequences!

4. Explosions are nothing to worry about

We have seen many action heroes dealing with the explosions as they are a piece of cake – they jump in the air, get up and start running. That should actually be funny, you know. We have seen that it supposedly doesn’t matter if the shockwave was strong enough to shatter cars or buildings, the hero always survives and is thrown backward in a slow motion. In the real life explosions, the shockwave tears a human body into the pieces. Even if the explosion is not a strong one and the body remains intact, the shockwave never pushes the body forward, but goes through him and this is strong enough to stop his heart. The movie would be ended here!

5. Chloroform can be used to immediately make people unconscious

The truth is that the chloroform has been used as an anesthetic for about 150 years, but movies say that by forcing someone to breathe a chloroform soaked cloth you can knock him out within seconds. This couldn’t happen! A person needs to be breathing it for several minutes in order to pass out. Additionally, to keep a person unconscious, he should keep breathing the chloroform without making pauses. On the other hand, this could kill a person due to the lack of oxygen.

6. Bad guys are hard to be traced by their phone calls

Movies need a dramatic scene with a lot of tension added on – that is the truth behind this belief. Real life says that the police knows exactly where you are as soon as the call starts. This stands for both the landlines and mobile phones. The only time when the movie scenario can be applied is when the stolen or prepaid phones are used, but even then it wouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to trace it. Sorry bad guys, you’re busted before you know it!

7. Forensics can solve crimes

There are many TV series about this matter and almost all of them are highly popular for its unbelievable crime-solving procedures. But, sorry people, these things can’t happen. The forensic process cannot give answers to all the questions since it is used solely for collecting the evidence and that is far from crime solving.

8. The police have to read you your rights

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you…” Have you ever heard this speech before? Of course, you have! It is in almost every movie or series where the police appear. In the real life situations, policemen don’t have to say this at all, but they have to make you aware of your rights when you are being interrogated, while in custody.

9. A person can pull out a pin of a grenade with his teeth

Well, a person could try to do this, but he would have no teeth afterward and the pin would stay as if untouched.

10. The police can’t arrest you outside their jurisdiction

The jurisdiction rules are not the same in all the states, but basically, you could be arrested anywhere. And there is this thing called the cross-jurisdictional agreement which enables a policeman to arrest you out of his jurisdiction. Disappointed?

11. Any padlock can be opened with a gun shoot

It’s a lie! If you haven’t already known this – a padlock shackle is made of thick iron and no bullet could harm it.

12. Hacking is a criminal act

It can be both a criminal and a legal act. When someone uses it in order to break into secret data and steal sensitive information, then it is illegal. On the other side, when a company hires some professional hackers to look into their own system and search for its faults, that is a completely legal act.

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