Problems Which Only Confront The Rich 


Problems can be faced by anyone, and nobody would care to give a passing look to the individual. However, some problems are the exclusive domain of the rich, and they can at best be called absurd. People throughout the world poke fun at the rich when they speak about problems, which mean nothing to the majority of the people throughout the world. 

Americans too are in the habit of discussing one problem or the other despite some of them not even coming close to the problems faced by the extremely wealthy. The upper crust within America has an entirely separate list of issues which most of us will never be concerned about. As it is often mentioned the more money, you have the extra exclusive your problems become. What are the problems we are looking at? Here are some which only the insanely rich will ever be concerned about, and we are talking about some real-world examples of the outrageous problems which are being discussed. 

 We have the opportunity to move not only toward the rich society and the powerful society, but upward to the Great Society. Lyndon B. Johnson

problem-1Sinking Your Yacht 

Unless you have a net worth which is in line with some of the richest billionaires on this planet you are not getting anywhere close to buying a yacht. The cost of a yacht which is just 30 feet long is in the region of $100,000, and this is a conservative figure. The operating costs are going to be in the region of 10% of the purchase price and undoubtedly indulgences like these are going to be expensive as hell. Therefore, if you are considering sinking one, you must initially prepare to purchase one, which means you need to have plenty of spare cash in your account. 

Having spoken of about sinking your yacht, we would also like to mention that Jordan Belfort who is called the infamous Wolf of Wall Street did manage to sink his yacht during a storm off the coast of Italy. This was not a 30 footer but was a 167-foot yacht along with a seaplane and a helicopter. Numerous others have lost their yachts to the sea forfeiting in excess of millions. 

problem-2Damaging Your Bugatti Veyron 

The Bugatti Veyron is a lot more than just a simple car, and it is one of the fastest vehicles available throughout the world except for aircraft’s. It is hugely expensive with a price tag of approximately $2.25 million. It is just like a luxury yacht which most of us would at no time consider buying or will probably get to see during our lifetimes. It practically means that we never have to be concerned about causing any damages to the Bugatti Veyron leave alone destroying one completely. However, an incident of this type has indeed taken place when a rich Texan, Andy Lee purchased the car for $1 million along with an insurance policy for $2.2 million only to drive the car into a lake to claim that a pelican was the cause to the accident. He presently faces a 20-year sentence in prison for insurance fraud. 

The President Of America Is A Rich Man 

Donald Trump is a rich man and is worth billions. He is reputed to bring trouble onto himself most of the time, and he was allegedly mad when Scottish authorities refused to let him build a luxury golf course on a remote stretch of coastline. The Scots were making an attempt to keep an important rare bird habitat without being damaged and informed Trump that he would need to take his project elsewhere. Donald Trump is a person who is accustomed to getting what he wants, and the refusal by the Scottish authorities was a disappointment for him. It wouldn’t be a problem for the average individual but for the present president of the United States, it was a great deal. He made up for his disappointment by purchasing an Irish golf club as a replacement for the luxury Scottish golf club. 

There are people who have money and people who are rich. Coco Chanel

As mentioned in the beginning of this discussion these are problems, which simply confront the rich and the average individual is not going to be bothered with such matters. Leave alone buying a yacht or a golf course most people are struggling to purchase the average car and thoughts like these would only figure in the minds of the extremely wealthy that have the time and the money to think of the problems which confront the rich.  

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