5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Dreams Even if Everyone Discourages You


We all have dreams to pursue and achieve. However, most of us are unable to do so because the constraints that hold us back. The constraints may range from physical to financial to lack of proper education. However, even with all the necessary resources, the greatest challenge is discouragement from friends.

“Negative people can only infest you with discouragements when they find you around… Just get lost and get saved!”
Israelmore Ayivor

Here are the reasons why you should not relent in achieving your dreams.

Dreams make life worth living.

chasing-dreams-lg-300x288No one should tell you that your dream is not worth pursuing. It’s always worth it. After all, your dream is the sole reason why you’re still breathing up to this day. Self-gratification and self-fulfillment exist for a reason. They are the reason why we choose to live and struggle with life. Dreams act as anchors to keep going in life. To them, the dream may be unworthy, but to you, fight on until you achieve it.

You can be an inspiration to others

Once you’ve accomplished your dream, that’s the time you can finally say that you’ve fulfilled your mission in life. What’s next for you? Often, you’ll find yourself wanting to inspire others. You have firsthand experience of the course to your dream. Therefore, besides finding self-motivation, others will find inspiration in you.

There’s no need of doing something you don’t like 

Why should you be discouraged to leave your passion only to chase others’? No one should coerce you to be someone else. One example of this is sticking to a job that you dislike. You may fear to quit due to fear of embarrassment or a financial crisis.


We recommend that you take a moderate risk, moderate in a way that you must be strong enough to attain your goal. Before you file that resignation, at least find a suitable job as a replacement to avoid being broke. If you still can’t find a job that is in line with your passion or dream, find one that is closest to your passion. At least, in that way, you can gain experience as you climb your path towards the realization of your dream.

Achieving your goals may be difficult, but you must be strong enough to stand and fight for it. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? The fulfillment of your life starts with you! 

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