How To Tell Your Kid is Talented in Art


There are multiple ways to nurture a child. You can nurture them through the food you feed them, the music you let them listen, or the way you treat them when they make mistakes. But did you know that you can also nurture kids through art? But how can this be possible?

We define art as the quality, production, expression, or a realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, and of more than ordinary significance. As per the definition, it is the expression of what is beautiful. Art lets every child see what is beautiful. The perception of a child is very different from that of an adult. As such, kids may be very motivated by what they create with just a piece of paper and pieces of crayons.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. ~Twyla Tharp

How can we tell that a child has the talent, specifically in the field of Arts?

talented kids 1Only you know whether your child may become the next Edvard Munch who painted The Scream, the next Salvador Dali who painted The Persistence of Memory, or the next Pablo Picasso. How great would that be! But how can you determine that your child is good at arts?

Look at the age 

Is the kid  3 and below or 4 and above? Kids who are below three lack motor skills and require full attention. On the other hand, children from the age of four have motor skills, but they still need to be guided. But is your child interested in arts? It is your role to monitor your child’s attitude towards arts. The best age to test whether your child is inclined to Arts is at the age of three. 

When you handle a paper and crayons to your child, does he/she get excited to make strokes on the paper right away? Let’s take a pre-schooler as an example. If you give a child a piece of paper and several crayons, the kid would try to write something onto the paper and use all of the remaining crayons. This is due to curiosity.  Curiosity makes Kids learn. 

Observe whether your child focuses on artwork 

Does your child get easily distracted by the environment while playing with the art tools? If your answer is NO, that’s a sign that your child loves arts.Your child spending a lot of time doing art activities is a suggestion that he/she is a promising artist for they prefer art to any other forms of entertainment. If this happens more often, your child’s concentration level and attention span will keep on improving as he/she grows up. This will also help in other areas of life where a focus is greatly required.

Your child’s masterpieces are too good for their age 

talented kids 3If your kid’s artistry is too amazing your child is gifted. This can be determined by how your child develops the desire and ability to depict people and other objects around them at an earlier age. They have the capacity to balance elements of composition, color, space and movement with great sensitivity. They are into detailing, and their memory usage is directly related to complexity and elaboration, becoming more inventive in their drawings and sculpture. Also, they explore other media to create a more excellent finished product. Doodling can be one of their masterpieces, with a great improvisation of lines, shapes, and patterns. 

However, when you get the hint that your child likes art a hobby, don’t directly conclude that it is as it is. Make assessments on the longevity of time your child works on art or the level of excitement your child gets from the idea of doing art.  Only then can you send them to an art class. Remember not to pressure your child as they may lose interest. Rather encourage them. 


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