The Happiest Cities In The World


Have you ever dreamed of visiting or moving to a place where supposedly everybody is happy? Is it even possible such places exist? Well, apparently these 7 cities are indeed some of the happiest places on Earth. So read on, find out more, and plan your next trip (or move!) soon.

Melbourne, Australia

Most people already associate Australians with an open, friendly demeanor. But the residents of Melbourne are purportedly some of the happiest in the world. A lot of this has to do with the ease of living which comes with being a resident here. In terms of  stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education and infrastructure, Melbourne is considered one of the “most livable” cities around. Tourists love the place as well, and for good reason. Combining fantastic shopping, top-notch restaurants, and a cosmopolitan environment with the city’s friendly spirit, Melbourne is tough to beat. Plus, the city hosts some crucial sporting events; the Australian Open, Melbourne Grand Prix, and 2015 Cricket World Cup all call this place home.

The following happy city in the southern Netherlands enjoys the feel of a laid-back small town.

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