Things You Never Knew About Air Force One 


There are plenty of things people don’t know about Air Force One, which is the plane that is used to ferry around the president of the united states. While you could certainly wonder about the presidential plane what you don’t know is something, which is cooler than you think. You could be surprised at the facilities which are available for the aircraft along with the numerous additions which have been made by various presidents. Today let us have a closer look at the magnificent structure which is known as Air Force One within America and throughout the world. 

Afghanistan does have an air force: It has two C-130s. I saw one of them. It was nice, a gift from the United States. But two planes don’t even make a Caribbean charter airline, let alone an air force for a country at war. Richard Engel


air-force-one-1Two Kitchens To Feed 100 People And A Mini Hospital Are Present On the Plane 

The Air Force One is equipped with a mini hospital for the treatment of the president or any passenger if they are sick or injured at any time. The hospital includes a full medical suite, an operating room and any other facilities which may be required. 

Air Force One has a passenger capacity of approximately 100 passengers, and the catering for these people does not happen from various aircraft catering facilities because Air Force One has two kitchens on board, which can cater to the requirements of 100 people. Healthy and hearty meals can be served to the passengers after being prepared on board the aircraft. 

air-force-one-2Air Force One Has Three Levels And 4000 Ft.² 

Every convenience of the president has been taken into account including the fact that he may need to stretch his legs during his long tours. For this reason the Air Force One is equipped with 4000 ft.² of floor space. Making it even better is the fact that there are three levels within the plane make it a triple-decker within the skies. The Air Force One can travel with a speed is of 580 miles per hour though its top speed is 650 miles per hour. Many people have countered that it can go up to 700 miles per hour. It can also be refueled mid flight when the plane is 35,000 feet into the air. 

Air Force One Can Withstand A Nuclear Attack 

The Air Force One is the best shelter to be in, in the event of a nuclear attack. The body on the plane has been designed and secured to withstand a nuclear blast from the ground by rendering the aircraft a flying bomb shelter within the skies. In order to ensure that the president remains in contact to the ground the plane has been equipped with 85 telephones. 

air-force-one-3Air Force One Can Be Used As a Mobile Command Center In Case of Terrorist Attacks 

The United States has witnessed the destruction caused by the terrorist attack on 9/11 and the Air Force One is prepared for another if the terrorists ever consider attacking the US again. The president can use the Air Force One as a command center as an office within the skies if the White House is considered unsafe. Air Force One receives priority over all other planes, and the pilots are not required to remain concerned with the traffic on the air. In any case air-traffic within commercial airports comes to a standstill whenever Air Force One takes off or lands. On many occasions, the plane utilizes military airports to ensure it doesn’t mess with commercial air traffic. 

President Clinton Used The Blast Jazz On Air Force One 

Air Force One has every amenity desired by presidents on board but arrangements have not been made for a DJ to be present. It was President Clinton, who ensured that jazz would be played on the flights, and the saxophonist would rock out the music at an extremely high volume because he had hearing issues. 

Air Force One Has A Limitless Range 

The president of the United States is not expected to take Air Force One on short-haul flights, and therefore, it has an unlimited range which allows it unique power to move around the world without any hassles. 

Fargo Holds The Record for The Longest Playing Film On Air Force One 

During the reelection bid of President Clinton in 1996 the movie Fargo was played a number of times, and it was thereafter nominated as the record holder for the longest playing film abroad Air Force One by Helen Thomas, who was the leading presidential journalist. 

‘Paranoia’ was pretty awesome because it was the cast of ‘Air Force One,’ Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford back together, pitted against each other again, so that was pretty neat. Lucas Till

These are a few facts about Air Force One which we hope you will enjoy reading.  


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