These Are Wealthiest Women In The World 


When people look at wealthy women, they generally assume that the woman inherited her wealth or was married into. The list we have compiled includes names of the extremely rich but also has the names of women who worked hard to accumulate their millions. They have become billionaires simply because they were prepared to be disciplined and work diligently for their wealth without wasting their time looking at social media sites all day. 

It is possible you may never have heard about these women, but you can rest assured they are rich and extremely powerful. Some of them have more power than the leaders of their country. Some of them can anyone put celebrities like Beyoncé to shame because they have fatter wallets than Beyoncé’s bank account. Let us consider the wealth of these women who are among the wealthiest women around the world. 

I think that wealthy white people would like to have a country that resembles the Fifties, when all the minorities were tucked away in ghettos and paid in very low wages but on the surface it was very bright and shiny and free and the rest of the world would look on it longingly. Alice Walker

Donatella Versace 


Donatella is of the group Versace which is one of the best-known fashion houses throughout the globe, and she inherited the group from her elder brother Gianni when he passed away in 1977. Donatella is presently worth about $200 million, which may not sound as a great deal. She has given away 70% of our wealth from the company to her daughter and another brother. If 30% of the group’s wealth is worth 200 million, she would be valued at a lot more with the other 70%. Of late she has been attempting to supplement her wealth by investing in real estate in Dubai and has also married a model and had a couple of children. It seems like things are working out fine for Donatella. 

Allison Saraofim 

Allison has been delegated as the inheritor of the Fortune of Fayez Saraofim, who is advancing in age. Despite not being highly interested in the investments and the Fortune generated by the family Allison is attracted by the art of cinematography and has become an actress and a producer having films like” the Chronicles of Narnia: the lion King Witch and the wardrobe,” and Lake City. 

Allison has another interest which she loves more than being on the screen. She is the host of elaborate Halloween costume parties and invites a number of celebrities to attend the occasion. Being worth $1.5 billion she gets involved in expenditure worth millions in costumes and alcohol while she keeps bankrolling her own films. 

Anna Anissimova 

Anna is the Russian equivalent of Paris Hilton and was born into a wealthy family. She now leads her life as a celebrity icon within the fashion and the entertainment industry. 

Her father Vasily who is a billionaire built his fortune during the 1900s by controlling a major portion of the metal trade. Anna moved to America after her sister was murdered by the Russian mafia for personal safety. She has tried her hand at modeling, real estate before finally deciding she wanted to be an actor. She is presently married to Peter Schafer, who is a film producer and has starred in a few high budget films. Despite having more money than she will ever need she is interested in building her own success and this is something, which can be admired profoundly particularly for a woman who is worth $2 billion. 

Anna Getty 


Anna Getty is the granddaughter of Paul Getty and the current inheritor of the Getty fortune. She was an actress before she decided to become a yoga instructor. She currently deals in a line of eco-products, which are health friendly and a series of DVDs, which promote an active healthier lifestyle. Healthy living is important for Anna as she is involved in various nonprofit organizations like “Healthy Child Healthy World,” and the “Environmental Media Association.” She is worth $2.4 billion but has shown to the world that fortune can even trickle down to a health fanatic.

Wealthy women have rights in every country. And poor women don’t. Hillary Clinton

These are a few women who are worth billions and have inherited some of their wealth. However, they are making additional efforts to build an empire by their own standards and are not taking to work hard to increase their fortunes.  


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