Are You Workaholic? Tips to Balance Work and Life


When we talk about addiction, the first thing that automatically comes to our mind are the dangerous ones—drug or alcohol addiction. However, there is this one type of addiction that we fail to recognize because somehow, we count it as a productive addiction. HHave you ever heard of the term workaholic? We define it as the incredible urge or desire to keep oneself loaded with tons of work.

In fact, most people, especially the executives, are guilty of being a workaholics. However, remember that too much of anything is harmful. Yes, even you can be prone to work addiction. How do we minimize and untangle ourselves from work addiction?

“Too much of anything could destroy you.” ― Cassandra Clare

Here are some tips on how to avoid being a workaholic and balance work and life.

Unplug From Technology

workaholic-1One reason why we’re more prone to being workaholics nowadays is that we can now do almost everything digitally. Unlike before where we could only work within the confines of the office, today, one can work from anywhere. We tend to become workaholics because of the convenience that technology has brought.

To break this cycle, you need to implement a strict ruling to yourself. Set a time to connect to the online world to work.Then, allocate time to disconnect from the online world. You can use your free time to relax and do your hobbies.

Get Rid of Your Perfectionism

Most people tend to overwork because they’re perfectionists. They have an insane urge to be perfect in all endeavors. While this is a great trait because it ensures that one delivers the best,  it can backfire to a person.  What you need to realize is that no matter how you hard you try, you can never be perfect. As such, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Only deliver what is expected from you, nothing more, nothing less.


workaholic-2One of the downsides of being a workaholic is that one doesn’t exercise. Unfortunately, lack of exercise is detrimental to one’s health. The good side though is that exercise is one of the best ways to counter your work alcoholic.

Try to dedicate a specific time to exercise every day. Even if you only exercise for about 30 minutes, you’ll be surprised at the wonders it can do to your health and workaholism

Take some short breaks in between tasks

To avoid exhaustion, you need to take short breaks to refresh and revitalize. Short breaks are effective in countering workaholism.They also maintain productivity.

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